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Welcome to Bottom Line Hypnosis where we specialize in helping people live happy, healthy and productive lives. Whether working with individuals or groups,  we customize each session to fit your needs.


Why Hypnosis?

Because hypnosis is the quickest and healthiest way to relieve stress, quit smoking, lose weight, release phobias, and increase abundance. Getting healthy and filling your life with joy can be easier than you think. Hypnotic relaxation allows you to change attitudes and behaviors in a permanent and profound way. Hypnosis is a drug free alternative with proven results, so it can quickly and safely lead to health and prosperity.


Kathi Kenedi, a Certified Transpersonal/Clinical Hypnotherapist and Energy Healing Practitioner, has combined hypnosis and energy healing to facilitate a powerful mind, body, and spirit experience. Kathi says, “By addressing the whole person, all things are possible. Each person has the ability to heal themselves and improve their lives by activating their inner resources.”


Each client receives a customized session to address their individual needs along with self hypnosis instruction  to maintain their desired results. Your health and happiness are your most prized possessions


Take control of your well being today!


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